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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome and news about "Reclaimed"

I finally got around to doing the one thing I thought needed to be done for my stories. Shameless self promotion. I decided that if I'm going to make it in the big time for FanFic readers, then a blog might be the best place to start.

As my profile showed on, I've finally decided on the storyline and title for the sequel to "Abandon."


Bella adjusts to the Cullen lifestyle as she tries to focus on gaining her freedom in four months. Jacob begins to fear that this "rags to riches" lifestyle is driving a wedge between the two of them as Edward begins to shower Bella with the things Jacob knows he can't afford. Will this push Bella and Jacob further apart, or will Bella begin to take offense to being "bought"?

"Reclaimed" To start in March 2010.

Just a small taste of the story:

I awoke to a small box sitting on the edge of my bed. The small tag from it simply said, "Bella." It didn't show who it was from but from the handwriting I instantly knew it was Edward. Since day one, he's found a way to sneak in some sort of gift and after three weeks of it, I was beginning to become slightly annoyed.

I opened it to find an engraved book mark. It was set in brass with silver outlines. I'm sure it was real silver and it scared me that maybe that wasn't brass but solid gold.

This was becoming too much and I needed to say something soon before it got completely out of hand.

Jacob would go insane if he found out that Edward was trying his damndest to buy my love.


I look foward to doing this sequel and I hope everyone is as excited as I am!!

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